Player Interview – Siyoli Waters


Name: Siyoli Waters

World Ranking: 32

Birthplace: East London

Coach: Rowan Smith




Biggest or most important tournament win of your career?

Winning the SA National Championships 2013 and 2014

Favourite destination you have competed in for a squash tournament and why?

Different places have their own highlights Cayman Island for the beauty Malaysia for keen squash crowd.

Best Squash experience and why?

It’s always nice to come out as the winner after a hard fought 5 setter. I’ve had to quit a few this year

What are some of your interests outside of squash and why?

Music is my next love after squash. Love messing around on the piano or guitar. Golf calms me down

Who was your childhood hero growing up?

Ive always had heroes from various sporting codes:

Steffi Graf from Tennis

Carl Lewis from athletics

In squash, it was always my school teachers and club members who tried to teach me all they could in squash, since I never had my own personal coach.

Who do you consider the favourite to take home the Australian Open?

Can I say me of course ….. Hahaha

On a serious note… Joelle King is coming back from injury… so she will be the dark horse in the competition.

What can we expect from you at the Australian Open?

Hope you get to see my fighting spirit, attacking style and general all round super squash. Bring it on!!