Player Interview – Sachika Ingale


Name: Sachika Ingale

World Ranking: 95

Birthplace: Trivandrum

Coach: Vijay Ingale

Interests: Music, Animals.




Biggest or most import tournament win so far?

The most important tournament win of my career was in Pakistan last year.

Favorite destination you have competed for squash?

Favorite destination I have competed in for a squash tournament I would say was Canada. Especially Calgary and Niagara, the people, the venue and the place was just amazing. I am happy I made some really good friends there

Best Squash experience and why?

My best squash experience was when I won my first International title in Pakistan in 2014 because it was my first ever WSA event and it was in a country where my grandparents once used to live before the partition. It was a very different and a really great experience for me to be there and play.

What interests do you have outside of squash?

Other than squash my interests are modelling/acting, playing badminton, supporting animal rights and welfare of animals, spending time with family and friends etc

Who was your childhood hero?

Goku from Dragon Ball Z otherwise my dad 🙂

Who do you consider the favourite to win the Australian Open?

I would say Joshana Chinappa

What can we expect from you at the Australian Open?

This will be a great opportunity for me to compete with some of the world top players so I will give my best and do as well as possible.