Player Interview – Donna Urquhart


Name: Donna Urquhart

Birthdate: 19 December 1986 (age: 28)

Birthplace: Yamba, NSW

Residence: Yamba/Orlando

Plays: Left-handed

Coach: David Palmer

Highest WR: 13 (May 2011)




Biggest or most important tournament win of your career?

The Victorian Open in 2015 was one of my biggest tournament wins to date and was a special one as it was on Australian soil.

If you could take any 3 people to an island who would it be and why?

My brothers and my boyfriend, because it’s always a good laugh having them around.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before a match or tournament?

Not really, I’ve never been a superstitious person to be honest.

If you were president/prime minister what would be the first thing you do?

I’d probably use my new found power to promote squash! – build new centres, get squash on TV more, and hold big tournaments in Australia.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Buy a house on the beach and spend all my spare time surfing.

Who do you consider the favourite to take home the Australian Open?

It would be great to see an Aussie win it and Rachael Grinham is the number one seed so she’s gotta be one of the favourites.

What can we expect from you at the Australian Open?

I’ve had a good year since recovering from an operation on my plantar fascia at the end of 2014, so hopefully I can keep the ball rolling with some more good form.