Australian Entrants

The Australian Open has multiple entrants in both the men’s and women’s draw.

The men’s draw features Australian player Rex Hedrick, world number 62 (at time of draw publication) who is ranked 5th in the draw.  Hedrick is the only Australian seeded in the top 8, however there are several other Australian participants filling the main draw.

Zac Alexander is the next Australian in the draw, ranked 94th as is Rhys Dowling, ranked 155.  Alexander has had impressive results in the lead up to the Australian Open, which included seven consecutive PSA titles around Australia.  David Clegg is the next Australian in the line up, ranked 202nd and Thomas Calvert rounds up the main draw as wildcard entry, ranked 217.

In the men’s qualification draw, there are seven Australian players in the line-up.  Rohan Toole (247), Courtney West (251) and Joel Luca (256) are all entered as qualifiers.  In the four local positions are; Jordan Till, Nathan Turnbull, Nathan Lindner and Jason Holmes.

In the women’s draw, Australia has a strong second seed (the highest Australian seed of the tournament), Donna Urquhart, ranked 22nd in the world.  Donna is followed closely by Christine Nunn who is seeded fifth and Sarah Cardwell, ranked world 51.  Jessica Turnbull is the wildcard for the tournament.

Tamika Saxby has had impressive results from tournament prior to the Australian Open and is a qualifier for the event.  She is joined by Lakeesha Rarere (world number 98).  The local positions are filled by Samantha Foyle (131), Selena Shaikh (109), Stephanie Wighton (106) and Taylor Flavell.

Australia has very strong competitors in the Australian Open who are sure to make an impression on the international competitors.